• High performance components deliver outstanding performance meeting the toughest requirements

• Smart Algorithms and Vision Tools make every application robust and reliable – at any speed

• Modern camera lineup enables you to pick the most suitable hardware for every application – best performance at best value

• Innovative Illumination Technology

• MDMC Light – Flexibility and Precision combined in one Illumination unit

• The MDMC light allows you to freely change the color and direction pattern in milliseconds

• No hardware exchange necessary during product changeovers

• Enhance the inspection feature you are looking for – easy, quick and reliable

• Combine hundreds of illuminators in just one unit

• Photometric Stereo Light

• Combining Illumination Technology and smart Inspection Algorithms for maximal productivity

• PMS Light lets your vision system see what only the smartest optical instrument – the human eye – is able to recognize

• Increases the rate of automatic visual inspection – reliable, repeatable and productive
• Creates the most robust vision inspection solutions even on extremely challenging surfaces


redefine the vision sensor market, providing advanced inspection, code reading and verification only previously available in higher end vision systems. With over 100 camera options, the FQ2 provides users with the ultimate flexibility to solve a variety of applications. Whether you need high resolution, code reading, integrated lighting, or a cost effective solution to solve a simple application, there is an FQ2 that fits your every need.

• Powerful functionality with versatile line-up

• Crystal clear images

• All-in-one-housing

• Easy searching with Shape Search II

• Direct Part Marked (DPM)

• Unique OCR technology

• Code verification

• Advanced Inspection


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