Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. Its easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.


The CJ2M Series is ideal for packaging and general machine automation needs. Connectivity is assured thanks to the built-in USB port and the choice of Ethernet and RS-232C/422/485 interfaces on the CPU.

Always accessible through standard USB portStandard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link functionWide range of program capacities from 5K steps to 60K stepsSerial option boardDedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules


Five variations in program capacity from 5K steps to 60K steps; scale the CPU to your application needs.

• Faster processors; LD instruction execution time is reduced to 40 ns, floating point trigonometrics in less than 1 μs.

• Optional Pulse I/O Modules can be mounted to enable positioning functions for up to four axes. The module provides high-speed counters, interrupt inputs and pulse train/PWM outputs. (CJ2M CPU Units with Unit Version 2.0 or Later)

• Faster Function Block calls and execution, faster interrupt handling, less overhead time.

• Added execution memory for Function Blocks allows structured, object-oriented programming even in entry-level CPUs.

• General-purpose Ethernet port supports EtherNet/IP tag-based data links, connection to Support Software, communications between PLCs, FTP data transfers, and more (CJ2M-CPU3[]).

• Standard USB port on all models allows Support Software to connect directly through standard USB cable.


• Pulse output for 4 axes. Advanced power for high-precision positioning control.

• High-speed counters. Differential phases for 4 axes. Easily handles multi-axis control with a single unit.

• Eight interrupt inputs are built in. Faster processing of approximately 500 instructions speeds up the entire system.

• Serial communications. Two ports. Select Option Boards for either RS-232C or RS-485 communications.

• Ethernet Communications. Enabled by using an Option Board. Two ports can be used as an Ethernet port to perform. Ethernet communications between the CP1H and a host computer.

• Built-in Analog I/O. XA CPU Units provide 4 input words and 2 output words.

• USB Peripheral Port. Another standard feature.

• The structured text (ST) language. Makes math operations even easier.

• Can be used for the CP1W series and CJ series Unit. The extendibility of it is preeminently good.

• LCD displays and settings. Enabled using Option Board.


The Omron NJ series controllers allow for seamless integration of logic, motion, vision, networking and safety within Omron’s high speed processor; all communicating over built-in Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT networks. The NJ is designed to communicate and is configured to control up to 64 axis of motion, vision, slice I/O, SQL database capability, and even Robot control using Sysmac studio software. NJ-series controllers use CJ modules for local I/O and EtherCAT remote I/O.


Omron also offers the well-established CJ series of PLC, and the CP1 series brick micro-PLC’s — many of which can also control several axis of motion and various Ethernet and field-bus communication options. These PLC’s are configured using CX-ONE software. Omron CS1 processors and I/O are available supporting legacy systems, and for simple stand-alone control systems the ZEN programmable relay can be considered.

The NJ5 series is a machine controller for logic sequence and motion that includes CPU options for advanced functions such as robotics and database connection.

• Fastest cycle time: 500 µs
• Number of axes: 64, 32, 16
• Synchronized motion core
• Functions: Logic sequence, Motion, CNC, Robotics, Database connection, SECS/GEM and OPC-UA
• Delta, SCARA and Cartesian robots control
• DB connection: SQL client for Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Firebird
• CNC functionality: Ideal for XY cutting, milling, lathe and any other path-following application such as dispensing, bending, grinding and forming machines
• Multi-tasking
• Built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP ports


The NX1P completes the NX/NJ machine controllers family offering same functionality in a compact design. The NX1P provides synchronized control of all machine devices such as motion, I/O, safety and vision under one Integrated Development Environment.

• Fastest cycle time: 2 ms
• Functions: Logic sequence and Motion control
• Up to 8 axes (4 synchronized axes)
• Built-in I/O: 40 or 24 I/O points
• Up to 8 local NX I/O units
• Built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP ports
• Up to 16 EtherCAT slaves
• Up to 2 option boards can be connected to add serial communications or analog I/O functionality


• Sysmac controller – NX7 Series
• The NX7 series is a high performance CPU that includes two synchronized motion cores controlling up to 256 axes.

• Fastest cycle time: 125 µs 

• Number of axes: 256, 128
• Two synchronized motion cores

• Functions: Logic sequence, Database connection, AI and Motion
• AI Functionality: AI engine included in the controller enables real time utilisation of machine learning model
• AI Predictive Maintenance Library enables non-stop equipment
• Multi-tasking
• Built-in EtherCAT and two EtherNet/IP (1 Gbps) ports


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