Robot Solutions allows industrial robots to perform specific manufacturing tasks. This can lower costs, improve product quality, and decrease production time. Robot Solutions has teamed up with robotics manufacturer, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, Fanuc, ABB Robotics and Kuka Robotics, to give customers more integration options. As an official Solution Provider, Robot Solutions offers support and a broader selection of robots. We offer a turn-key solutions on your Robot Challanges.


Omron has announced the TM series collaborative robot family to realize an innovative manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony.

Our TM series provides a unique solution to easily install a robot to automate applications such as assembly, pick&place and inspection. As part of the TM series launch, we will release a “mobile-compatible” model which will seamlessly integrate into our market leading LD series autonomous mobile robot. This enables users to automate more complex tasks such as pick and place onto a tray or container, and to connect processes with autonomous mobile robots.

We will introduce 12 robots in the TM series with a combination of the following specifications.

• Arm length: 700 mm, 900 mm, 1100 mm, 1300 mm
• Payload: 4 kg, 6kg, 12kg, 14kg
• Power supply: AC, DC
• Conforming or not conforming to SEMI S2 Safety Guidelines

Three Key Features of the TM Series Collaborative Robot:

• Intuitive programming interface reduces programming time: Reduced installation and setup times compared to traditional industrial robots. The flowchart-based intuitive programming interface and easy teaching requires little to no previous robot programming experience.

• Integrated on-arm vision system reduces setup time: The TM series comes with built-in vision and integrated lighting, allowing the user to capture products with a wide viewing angle. Equipped with image sensing functions such as pattern matching, bar code reading, and colour identification, this robot system makes inspection, measurement and sorting applications extremely easy to set up out of the box.

• Conforms to all human-machine collaborative safety standards reducing installation time: The TM series conforms with all safety standards that enable cooperation between humans and machines and can be safely operated around people without industrial safety fencing traditionally required for industrial robots, greatly reducing the installation time.


Ethernet capability to control the robot through the familiar programming language (IEC 61131-3) of NX/NJ machine controller.
• High repeatability suitable for material

• handling and precision assembly.

• High payload for screw-driving tools.

• The amplifier and controller built into the

• robot reduces the number of cables.

• Overhead mounting configuration for efficient use of space.

• Reach: 600 and 800 mm models.

• 5.5 kg max. payload.

• IP20 protection class (IP65 as option for 800 mm models).

• Clean room C10 as option.


Fully autonomous intelligent vehicles. Our mobile robots are fully autonomous intelligent vehicles that increase throughput, reduce machine dwell time, eliminate errors, improve material traceability, and allow employees to focus on tasks that require complex human skills. What’s more, unlike traditional AGVs, our mobile robots navigate by the natural features of the facility and require no expensive facility modification.




• No need to pre-program path

• Self-mapping with on-board PC

• Rapid installation

• Mobile robot ESD version for electronic parts transportation

• Easy interaction on tablet by using the updated Mobile Planner


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