Servo Drive / Motor

Servo motors and inverters ideal for positioning, speed and torque controls in various business machine control fields. Our servo drives are designed to provide precise control, optimum torque and a rich feature set to complement our wide range of our rotary servomotors and linear positioning systems. We offer the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology, simplest commissioning and most compact packaging available in the global marketplace.

C2000 series


The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control. It features versatile driving controls, modular design, wide variety of applications, easy maintenance, low malfunction rate, self diagnosis and competitive market price and brings customers not only the high-efficiency construction but also the most economic solution to compete with the global market.


A� speed/torque/position control mode, dual rating design (Normal duty/heavy duty)
A� Outstanding 4-quadrant torque control/limit
A� 2 in 1 (induction motor and synchronous motor)
A� Built-in Delta PLC function, safe stop function and brake unit
A� Support of various network protocols
A� Synchronous position control
A� Long-life design and life detection of important components
A� Complies with global safety standards, including CE, UL and CUL

Machine Automation Controllers


The NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller is at the heart of the new Sysmac platform.

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A� Motion control
A� Goes beyond machine control concepts
A� Large data processing
A� High-speed large data communications and processing in parallel with machine control
A� Large scale
A� Powerful enough to control large production line
A� Preventive maintenance
A� Integrated system for stable operation



Servomotors and Servo Drivers are provided for the purpose of high-speed, high-precision control. The G5 series has a direct connection to the Pills NJ controller via EtherCAT. Customers can design faster, more advanced machine automation control systems.


A� All control data that can be interfaced between the Servo Driver and the Controller is transmitted using data communications.
A� This enables maximizing the Servomotor performance without restricting the transmission performance of the control signals. cytoxan order
A� Having a communications module built into the Servo Driver significantly saves space in the control panel.


A� Ambient operating temperature and humidity
A� Ambient storage temperature and humidity
A� Operating and storage atmosphere
A� Vibration resistance
A� Impact resistance
A� Insulation resistance
A� Dielectric strength
A� Protective structure

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