Limit Switch

Limit switches automatically monitor and indicate whether the movement limits of a particular device have been exceeded. A standard industrial limit switch is an electromechanical device that contains an actuator linked to a series of contacts. When an object meets the actuator, the limit switch triggers the contacts to either form or break an electrical connection. Limit switches are commonly employed in a wide range of applications and under a variety of operating conditions due to their ease of installation, relatively straightforward design, ruggedness, and reliability.


Many Variations in Standard Limit Switches
A Wide Range of Models

The series includes many different actuators that you select to match the workpiece shape and motion, and a wide range of Switch variations, such as models with operation indicators for easier working and maintenance and models with different types Cheap of connectors.

Environment-resistant Switches
Select from Six Types of Environment Resistance

The series includes Airtight Switches, Hermetic Switches, Heat resistant Switches, Low-temperature Switches, Corrosion-proof switches, and Weather-proof Switches. You can select the model based on the onsite environment.



» Flat springs with an improved lever ratio of the built-in switch ensure smooth snap action and long life expectancy.

» Protection cover protects the built-in switch from dust and oil. Plunger incorporates a tough seal cap that lasts for a long time.

» One touch connector eliminates need for online tedious wiring operations and reduces downtime for wiring and maintenance (models with standard, easy-to-use screw terminals are also available).

» Minute load model with gold cladding is optimal for Buy electronic control.

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