Level controllers are readily designed by us to meet specific needs of logistics Industry in recent past. Several thousand such systems are working across length and breadth of the country in various testing environment conditions for quite some time. Hardware and software integration is part of solution design group’s tasks to meet specific customer requirements.

This group works closely with users to design and develop new controllers for special needs of customers.

Series 750 Zero-Maintenance Pressure Transducer



» Zeros itself automatically once a minute by triggering internal valve
» Prevents zero offset shifts due to temperature changes
» Lifetime stability of +/- 0.5% FSO
» Accuracy of +/- 0.75% FSO
» +/- 0.25% (accuracy) version available
» Perfect for critical applications such as clean rooms, filter pressure drop and hospital isolation rooms
» Exclusive, patented Auto-Zero
» No calibration or re-calibration necessary for the life of the device
» Pressure range calibrated to customer’s specific requirement
» The one and only AutoTran 750