The power backup system is essentially meant for the lifts installed in multi stored buildings, offices, Shopping Malls, Etc. This system ensures that the above applications continue to operate as if nothing happened even after the electricity failure. One doesn’t need to rush to start the generators. the system is always alert and has the intelligence to sense power failure. This user friendly systems are compact in Buy size and are tailor made to particular sites.




�� Sleek and low foot print
» Sophisticated DSP based digital controlled Design
�� True Sine Wave double conversion online topology
» Input Active Power factor is near unity.
» Wide Input range.
�� Input Current Harmonic Suppression
» High efficiency design
» Enhanced protection against lightning surges, sag and swell.
» Hot Stand by facility for 1 to 20KVA
» PRS facility for 5 to 20KVA up to 3 times.

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